monster moisture! whipped body butter



2 oz ($6) or 8 oz ($15)
Includes! Homemade B-movie papercraft card, gift wrap
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Treat Your Scales Right!

No preservatives, petroleum products, fragrances, or weird additives.

and plus IT SMELLS LIKE A CHOCOLATE-MINT COOKIE, yes as good as the Girl Scouts’ “Thin Mints” sound to eat!

Some thoughts on skincare.

The woman with the prettiest complexion in Hoquiam, recently complimented my skin (Kathy at The Golden Dragon – and am I right, folks?). That’s a bit of a boost!

Especially considering I have not always received these kinds of compliments. Through genetics, or diet, or some other series of factors, I do not have trouble-free skin. It is prone to dryness, (mild) cystic acne, and clogged pores. I’ve spent many years hating my skin, but now I’ve finally made friends with it.

Over the last two years I’ve had increasingly prettier, clearer, brighter, and more elastic skin through a few simple changes and by very inexpensive means. I do not take vitamins, but I do drink a gelatin solution and an ACV tonic each twice daily. I do not buy expensive cosmetics or skincare solutions, but I am very particular what ingredients I use to wash my face. I also prescribe to oil-washing, which treats my thirty-six year old mug quite nicely.


This whipped body butter is perfect for both oil-washing and moisturizing. It was handcrafted using only the following ingredients: cocoa butter, jojoba oil, extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and a blend of essential oils.* The combination of the cocoa butter, coconut, and essential oils – no fragrances – is both nourishing to the skin (geranium in particular is quite calming) and smells amazing – a deep, rich chocolate mint! Since I am not really a trade secrets kind of person, here is the basic recipe I used (and fiddled with) – if you’re interested in making your own products, you can find body butter recipes everywhere!

Of course it wouldn’t be a project of mine without some goofy papercraft. To wit: my love of old B-movie production values.

The Land Of Silky-Smooth Dinosaurs!

Your MONSTER MOISTURE comes shipped in gift wrap and a homemade card. The card included is blank, unless you specify a message. $2 shipping in US. Outside US? Call/email/text. If you have any questions at all, call/email/text (kelly AT hogaboom DOT org, 360.500.3287). Click on over to buy.


Finally: I am not a professional when it comes to skincare or cosmetics; this listing is merely a product I use and love, but made too much of and decided to pack up! If you are looking for a fabulous skincare line by someone who knows what she’s doing, I can recommend my friend Sara’s shop Rainwater Botanicals. She makes wonderful natural products and features ethical sourcing (for a more detailed product review of some of her products, here is a youtube video of another satisfied customer). Not affiliated, no compensation, yadda yadda – I just highly recommend Sara’s line.

* all ingredients besides the extra virgin coconut oil and the olive oil, sourced from NowFoods.

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