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tutorial: double-welt pocket w/grosgrain ribbon

tutorial: double-welt pocket w/grosgrain ribbon

Pocket pr0n! There are many ways to create a double-welt pocket, but this is my favorite for a very fast and easy pocket. This method involves no measuring (that's right!), and no interfacing. Best of all, it's really easy to memorize. This translates to great-looking...

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aching knees / do as I please

My little tuxedo kitty Herbert Pocket is a shy, self-contained thing; now and then, however, she decides she needs affection. She is suddenly relentless, stropping at the ankles while I cook, or - as in this morning - swarming about me as I am deep in yoga practice....

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that it’s just what we needed / you decided this

My son climbs in the bed and flips his hair, which is soaking wet from the shower. Even a few moments on my pillow will leave it wet the rest of the night, as much hair as he has and how well the tangles hold moisture. "I will love you forever," he tells me as he...

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