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happy birthday, Nels

Nels David Hogaboom a birth story Born at home to mom Kelly, dad Ralph, and sibling Phoenix 1:20 AM Wednesday April 7, 2004 8 pounds 7 ounces 21 inches long April 6th, 9 AM – is it or isn't it? A couple hours after I wake up on Tuesday I’m having mild contractions...

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that little gas powered fireplace insert, oddly comforting

Two days ago my left hip felt a bit stiff; yesterday it woke me in absolute shattering pain. Alarming, really - I'd never had hip trouble before and certainly no trouble with a weight-bearing joint. It was bad enough Ralph and Beeps took me to Urgent Care for an...

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overwork / natural high

Every day after coffee with my husband, I take a shower, tie my hair up and put on my little zip-up hoodie and get to work. I would work all day if I didn't have other responsibilities; children, mostly, and volunteer work. And feeding myself so I don't collapse....

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