Fall Art Gala at Grays Harbor College (Pre-Show Fashion Shoot)


Haute Fashion

Haute Fashion

Haute Fashion

Haute Fashion

Haute Fashion

Haute Fashion

Nels was very proud of his ensemble and called it a “disguise”. Pheonix, though she adored the dress, said she did not want to smile for photos. With her looks, physicality, striking gaze, and postures of ennui I can often picture her as a fashion model.

Up Close, Flowers, Leaves, Vine

As for the dress, I had a great deal of fun with it. The finished garment involves a wire “vine” that twists and turns as you like it, with flowers and leaves applied by hand. The dress itself has hand-applied leaves and roses on the bodice. I hope to take some more photos and describe some of the dress construction in detail, as it was a very fun and rewarding project, turning out exactly as I’d planned.

The Gala was a lovely event. I did not rest well yesterday and still have a cold, so I was not able to enjoy the show with as much vigor as I’d normally have. However, Ralph and I did manage to gift my mother with a wee website and business cards, which I’m hoping she will enjoy.

Time: to rest.

Haunted Hoquiam

From today’s foray into downtown Trick-or-Treating:


What’s not to like about Halloween? Such a creative and fun holiday, and one I enjoy more and more each year. This afternoon I was underfed and tired, but I still had a great time seeing all the kids out and snapping pictures.

Baby's Not Right

A mutant baby designed by artist Robin Moore. She always has a lot of great stuff at the Guild. Today I was super-distracted with this-and-that and didn’t get a good photo-blog of the art here, but the good news is they keep making pieces more and more.

Emerson Manor Not-So-Spooky Haunted Candy House

At Emerson Manor, just one spooky detail in a very spooky lobby. This low-income apartment building is a pleasure to visit, most especially during holidays. They had a lot of witches this year!

Friendly Witches At The Emerson Manor

Sweeties with sweets.


Nels as NYAN CAT. Yes, he had a little iPod setup playing the song. It was a big hit around town. It is also super-super-super warm and needs to end up with a little fan somewhere COLD.

Darth Vader

This fella. Doing the same thing he did last year! Big comedy.


My mom, at my request, breastfeading the aforementioned Mutant Baby. By the way the Guild has three phallic art pieces in the foyer. WINNING

Comely Wench + Real Live Parrot

A lovely lass with her bird. I’ve decided I wish I could be the Patron Saint of Cleavage, because I am just so fond of it.

At The Guild

More art by Robin M., if I’m not mistaken.

Tinkerbell Didn't Make It

But – sad to say, Tinkerbell didn’t make it.

(here are the pictures I took today, a handful of which I did not post here)


Friday links! You thought I’d forgotten? No way.

Patterns By Figgys, Sewing For Boys

From my little world: the book by Figgy’s is out, and I am so pleased! I spent a lot of time pattern-testing, giving feedback, searching for typos, and of course my little kiddos and husband were involved as well (Nels is featured in the pages of this lovely book and he is SO CUTE)! But my family’s involvement and efforts as compared to that of the authors is nothing. Karen and Shelly worked their asses off on this project. I can honestly say if you or someone you know wants some great patterns for kiddos infant to size 6/7, this book (which includes all patterns) is a wonderful investment.

First and best thing coming to mind this week: creative refutions of gay marriage protest signs. SO GOOD!

The Gay Agenda

Next: David Walliams swims the Thames. One more reason to be so in love with him.

I want to own a dress. OK, I own one dress (a light black cotton affair wonderful for the summer, and gifted me by the lovely Karen). This is the second dress I want to own. I recognized the dress and the movie right away – from a viewing many, many years ago. I have almost half the price tag saved up! We’ll see if that doesn’t get derailed by stuff like groceries or tacos.

Art: The Moody Nest. I like it.

Make: a digital camera more rugged. Very cool!

Birth Matters – And So Do Mothers and Kids by Wendy Priesnitz. Both mainstream culture and mainstream feminism exclude many groups – Ms. Priesnitz speaks eloquently to a more mature feminism. I’m ready for it, just wish more feminists were too!

To Those Who Call Me An Unparent at Demand Euphoria. This was cathartic to read! I have no idea if I parent like Vickie or not, as I’ve not read more than three posts on her blog – although you could certainly label us “radical unschoolers”. I do hear, from the rest of the world, ALL SORTS OF PREDICTIONS at how awful kids will be if they’re raised with X, Y, or Z (or without A, B, and C) – and I raise my kids these supposedly-terrible ways, and my kids are turning out awesome. I think what’s most important is people are prepared to engage their minds and hearts and listen long enough to understand where the other party is coming from. This includes parenting “debates”.

So, most y’all know I’m bisexual but I tend to be kinda closet-y about it in the real world. This article speaks to many reasons why (although, unlike the author, I would claim I have a lot of straight privilege even though I’m not straight).

Via Zoie on Twitter, and posted at Dandelion Roars: Permission Granted.

Two good films I recently watched:

Fish Tank (2009). Whaddya know, a film with a 15 year old female protagonist that does it soooooo right. Jarvis & Fassbender were incredible. Some truly harrowing moments but stick with it regardless (available on Netflix Instant).

Handsome Harry (2009). I liked this less than other films exploring similar themes, but Jamey Sheridan was fantastic and so were many moments in the film (also on Netflix Instant, if you haven’t figured out this is our only “television”).

Speaking of movies. Here is a film that is likely going to be a TURDÉ of high order. & yet I know I will still see it anyway. (shameface).

Finally, enjoy the sexy-mc-sexiness mashup, which kind of also makes me feel a little sick.

Childhood Perceptions, A Reception

Some photos from last night. Guess what’s hard work, preparing pieces for entry into a show. Curating a show. Designing an exhibit. Collecting donations from the community (and keeping a ledger). Planning, shopping for, preparing, delivering, maintaining, and cleaning up after reception food. Talking to people and sounding relaxed and mellow even when one has been running full-tilt for most of a week.

Still. It all came off beautifully. Of course, I couldn’t take many pictures last night as I had to “mingle”, cook and deliver and manage food, and hide, with Amber, to grab a half a clove cigarette now and then.

Staging - & Coffee!

On the right you see part of our “fantasies” exhibit including a dressup and interactive hanging display. We’re encouraging grownups and kids alike to partake – this experience is augmented by a lovely poem by artist Lindy Parker that was read by a child on the audio tour.

Cardamon Bread



I made quiche. Delicious!


Hummus et al.

An installation: Robin Moore’s “Dream Wrecker”, which I can’t wait to show you closeups of. Her interview was a hoot, too!

Enjoying The Show

Response to the show was quite positive! Including:

Wee Reception Kitty

Gallery kitty! Who ran in and out. She was tiny and sweet. The kids loved her, and one of the artists kindly donated her a catnip toy.

One (of three) of my interactive embroidery pieces.

Phoenix’s piece. Again, the audio interview is fantastic.

Ralph Tutors Embroidery

Ralph helps a young lad do some interactive embroidery (on my piece “Strictly Ivy League. Big deal.”). These pieces will be changing during the show according to those who want to participate. Fun!

Barb On Her Handcrank

Barb Shillinger sets up one of her lovely handcrank machines as well as some projects for the young and old to work on. Sewing with a handcrank is a lot of fun! This particular machine is also a treadle, but for a few reasons we decided to do the handcrank conversion. Barb was a wonderful help.

Nels & Wee Reception Kitty

Nels watches Gallery Kitty as she snoops her toy.

Catnip Toy!

Catnip bird #w00t

Besides co-curators Jeanne and Ralph (who rocked), when it came to the reception a few parties came through in a big way including Tully’s Coffee and two local professional bakers – as well as my mom, who helped mule things from my little kitchen to the Gallery, and most especially my friend Amber. Unfortunately I haven’t rested since last Monday but soon I’ll be back to blogging.

As for the show, it is beautiful and I need to post more intimate detail shots of more of the pieces. We are putting together a photo and audio exhibit to post at the website, and soon. I’ll let you know.

If you’re a local, please do come to the show before it closes on July 3rd – and take the audio tour, which lasts about a half hour and is wonderful.


Just: great stuff.


In case u forgot how hard I was working on

So when it comes to our upcoming art show – and the reception we’re hosting on Friday night:

Please, please, please sweet baby Jesus in your golden fleece diapers don’t let me fuck up considering there are about eighteen things needed in curating, setting up, and co-running an art show that I’ve never done before.


And: I have to buy and prepare a bunch of food. The preparation part, I should come through just fine, it’s just hours of good honest work I look forward to. The, ahem, financial outlay for the said spread? I’m kind of fucked eighteen times over due to credit card stealinz. I’ll figure it out, honestly. And if you’re a local I hope you come Friday night. And if you’re not a local, don’t worry, because we’ll be putting up an online tour!

It’s a good thing I’m working with two super-talented and awesome co-curators. I’m peeing my pants a little bit less.

A little bit.

I know this isn’t a very professional series of comments for me to make, but in case I haven’t made this clear before, this isn’t a professional blog.

son of a bitch is dug in like an Alabama tick

I gave blood yesterday, and today we spent our eleventh consecutive week making up food for the Conch Shell Deli. I guess when it comes down to it I often enjoy doing things I’m scared to do. Those things, well, not everyone would understand why they scare me, and maybe they seem like very little to someone else, but they are a lot to me.

And on point, I suppose, I should put forth I’m a bit tired. I’m scrambling to complete a few art projects, I’ve sewn two shirts in my spare time (for The Boy), I’ve got a graphic design job (kind of a largish one) with a looming deadline, and going on my tenth year I’ve been cleaning and feeding the family and loving up the cats and kids and trying to be helpmate to my husband and not to act like an asshole.

So I guess what I’m saying is.


I do, however, have time to watch the riff on The Crater Lake Monster, which will commence… NOW.

P.S. Nelsie. At the coffee shop. He is lovely.

Mostly Friendly

"Mutant Horse" by Phoenix Fire Hogaboom & Adam Moe

Christmas Gift

A few months ago I picked up one of Phoenix’s beautiful pieces from the many, many we have lying about, and sent an email to an embroidery artist I liked (I can’t quite remember how I first stumbled on his Etsy shop). To my utter delight he took up the commission and we traded emails, then upon completion some cash. About nine days before Christmas I opened one of the happier packages I’ve received in a while. Today the piece was featured on a blog I follow, Mr. X. Stitch:

"Mutant Horse" by Phoenix Fire Hogaboom & Adam Moe

The blog post was the kick in the pants I needed; I figured I’d better throw up the scan and commit to getting this sucker framed. My mom and I tried our own framing for Christmas but it wasn’t quite right. The framed piece is leaning on the kids’ desk right now but I’m going to take it in tomorrow and get a quote.

Here’s the original work:

Mutant Horse by Phoenix Fire Hogaboom

Here’s the treasure hunt “clues” my daughter found on Christmas morning that led her to this present. (P.S. I totally whipped these little clues up fast, no criticizing!):

A gift for Phoenie
A present for you
is hidden away.
First look to where we
your fine art display! [clips]

Patience is needed
if you know what I mean –
go to the locale
where you splash to get clean. [bathtub]

Your brother likes something
with nori wrapped ‘round.
Where is the place
the other ingredient is found? [rice cooker]

Your mom owns no diamonds
their beauty untapped.*
But if she had jewels
where would they be kept? [dish on my dresser]

You’ve been searching and searching –
you must need some rest!
Try a soft, high place
that Harris likes best [bunk bed]

When my daughter found the piece in her room I heard her say, “I can’t believe my eyes! I drew that!” Ha. She was quite impressed and quite pleased.

I feel stunned by the amount of artwork Phoenix produces and how very much she enjoys it. She has been working with a bit of Sculpey clay I bought and shows the same expressiveness, joy, desire, and innate talent. Now she wants more clay. Claywork is more expensive than pencils and pens but I’m going to make it happen, no matter what.

So I might as well put a call out to readers – any drawing (paper, pens, pencils) or clay supplies you can recommend (or those you don’t), let me know! I feel a bit lost in these worlds.

* Not passive-aggressive, I swear!