springtime! early! damn your eyes!

I finished a little dress for Phoenix today; I worried she wouldn’t enjoy it because she’s been quite distasteful of anything “girlie” lately.

But, I was silly to worry. She said the dress is Beautiful! then: Cool! (both just like her). Verily I present thee SKELE-PHONE DRESS, made from a Norman Rockwell licensed phone print, and an Alexander Henry “Born to Ride” motif featuring skeletons and roses. The entire dress is lined in a black quilting muslin, making for a wonderful weight.


The pattern is a vintage Simplicity 4924 – way, way out of print (the original pattern cost was 60 cents) that I purchased from kalliedesigns on Etsy. Older patterns usually have only one size in the envelope which makes for a much more fun experience sewing (for me, anyway); I made her a size 10 and added a bit of length, for the perfect amount of growing room.

Ralph took our daughter out this morning and later told me with all the drabness seeing her in her bright dress was like a “beacon of hope”. She was instantly complimented when they hit the grocery store.

Ready For Action


Thrifted buttons, of course:

Vintage Buttons

In other news of sewing-awesomeness, I finished a lovely but strange item – the Miniature Giant Japanese Baby Bunting:

Soft, Soft, Sturdy

It’s made from a Japanese import fabric (cotton canvas) including motifs of – wait for it – skulls, the American flag, shamrocks, strawberries and flowers. OF COURSE.

The bunting is lined and underlined in fleece, making for a very sturdy piece. I experimented with some quilting too!

Back Seam

Zippers, buttons and snaps were all bought from thrift stores – vintage, frugal, FTW!

Vintage Button

You can see more details of each item at my Flickr tagsets: dress, bunting





Romper Stomper

Yeti Is Gonna Get You

Monster Patrol

I made these using Shana Kreikemeier’s “Knit Monster Baby Booties” pattern, available from Ravelry. You can also view details of every bit of yarn I used (and some of my pattern/project changes) at my Ravelry project (META-DATA, drooool!).

Also, meet the three pair of briefs I made my brother (using Jalie 2327). These are prototypes, as A. I want to get the size right (I think these ended up a bit small) and B. making briefs on a regular sewing machine has its challenges (but my semi-broken serger and/or my serging skills are not up to the task).

So anyway, I’m calling these underwear “Pouchy”, for the awesome schlong-shaped front pattern pieces.

I had a great time sewing underwear. I hope these fit but if they don’t, they were great practice.  Upon closer inspection you’d see they look way more homemade and shoddy than in the pictures here. But they are sturdy and crafted from very lovely, soft, red cotton knit.


Krafty goodness!
Claw Close-Up

* “Monstrer” is not a typo!

what’s in your head, zombie

What’s that you say?

Bunting 002: All Hallows' Eve

“That is so fucking cute, Kelly-goddamned-Hogaboom!” Yeah. Well at least I think so. In fact the only thing I liked better that picturing this bunting from the very second I saw the fabric at Hart’s website was every detail of construction. Like underlining it with fusible wadding and appliqueing bright orange stars and then basting in the pumpkin-orange zipper and waxing thread to finish with handsewing while watching a soccer game:

On My Way

and of course the super-super soft and deep green fleece I lined the whole thing with.

So. Soft.

Oh right, forgot to mention – I thought I’d make another one, a bit less sweet and a bit more gruesome:

Bunting 001: Zombi (Looming)

My sewing room and I are like a couple honeymooners. I can’t wait to get back there and mess around. OK, ew. So what I really mean is, I’m having such a wonderful time making exactly what I want. And you know what I want? More babies, out and about, everywhere. These buntings are so warm they can be out all night trick or treating. Until they fall asleep while nursing in the sling.

I’ve put these abovepictured items up for sale: All Hallows’ Eve and Zombi in my wee little boutique. I’ve already got my next projects – seasonal for the approaching cold weather – out on the slab.

Deeply, truly good times.

Hat Et Al

stitchin’ like a bitch

A couple days ago I got some fabulous news; a client enjoyed the clothes I’d made for her and shipped overseas. This was wonderful; all the more so as the client was a little girl big for her age who wasn’t able to find sturdy and stylish stuff that would fit.

3 Pair Trousers, 1 Zip Hoodie

You can see some details of the garments and sewing methods in the Flickr tagset.

I also finished my limón baby bunting (Flickr tagset):


Limón Hat


And finally: I’m only minutes away from finishing my latest project. Consider yourself lucky to get a little preview!


Believe it or not I’ve sewn (and knit) a lot more I haven’t shown. Yes, I am a machine. The only downside is the pain in my right arm. Perhaps I should stop cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, driving. Just sew and knit and watch my current TV crush Goren. Aw yeah.


Blue, Ivory, Deep Red
It was torture not to blog one of my more recent sewing projects. I couldn’t chronicle it on the off-chance the intended recipients would see me do so on Facebook!

I don’t know why I like making baby buntings so much. Part of it is the size; no unwieldy amount of yardages to haul around. Suffice to say they are one of my favorite things to sew!

My Design Sketch, Pattern
I have taken to sketching my ideas first. If I was super-organized I’d have a notebook of all this; but, I’d rather sew than document.

Embroiderins & Bastin'
Ralph came up with the horn template. Which is pretty cool. It looks lethal. In a really soft, baby sort of way.

The tail is one of my favorite parts. I love all the free-hand (fins, embroidery) I got to do on this project.

I knit a super-soft hat in Cascade 220. I tried to do a little chain-stitch and applique on the hat, but it sucked, so I removed it. Our new gas furnace is super-great for fast blocking.

Ye Wee Narwhal
Voila! Ready for some fierce, marine-themed snuggling.

Full Flickr set here; pattern review here.