Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

tea & crumpet sew-along: the back closure

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

Hello and welcome to day four of our sew-along! Today we will be installing our back closure. For this entry, you will need:

1. Your constructed bodice shell
2. Your closure hardware (buttons or zipper)
3. An invisible zipper foot (for a zipper closure)

In our last entry we finished our bodice, minus the collars. Today we install our back closure, which can either take a few minutes (for a zipper) – or a lot longer, if you’ve opted for buttons.



Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

tea & crumpet sew-along: constructing the skirt and sleeves

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

Hello and welcome to day three of our sew-along! Today we will be putting together our skirt and sleeves. We will be finishing our sleeve hems, but we will save our skirt hem for another day. Remember that the sew-along posts and questions are hosted on Facebook, in the “Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests” group.

For this entry, you will need:

1. Your constructed bodices (shell and lining), without collar installed
2. Your skirt pieces (shell and lining), properly marked & cut to hem length
2. Your sleeve pieces (shell and lining)

Let’s go!

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

tea & crumpet sew-along: cutting, marking, & constructing the bodice

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

Hello and welcome to day two of our sew-along! Today we are cutting, marking, and constructing our bodice – both the fashion fabric, and the lining. Remember that the sew-along posts and questions are hosted on Facebook, in the “Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests” group.

For this entry, we are cutting our fabrics and constructing our bodice. You will need:

1. Your fashion fabric and lining fabrics, pre-treated
2. Tracing paper, tracing medium and wheel
3. Your machine, ready to rumble!

Let’s go!

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

tea & crumpet dress sew-along: preparing the pattern

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

Hello and welcome to day one of our sew-along! Today we are preparing our pattern, talking about fabric preparation, and playing with seam finishes! We will then cut and fit a muslin. I will be demonstrating technique using the three versions of the dress I created.

You will need:

1. Your printed Bootstrap Fashion pattern
2. Tracing paper, tracing medium and wheel
3. Fabric for your muslin
4. Your machine set up to sew
5. Clear tape

Tea & Crumpet Dress Sew-Along, V 2

a little springtime

My Tea & Crumpet dress sew-along starts April 1st. I have made two of these dresses and they are lovely. While they are full-coverage and modest, they are also short and barely feel like wearing a dress at all! The pattern allows you to build a fitted, semi-fitted, or loose option. 

Shown here: a fitted option in wool crepe, lined in a silk jersey. Fits perfectly, feels incredible!

Tea & Crumpet Dress Sew-Along, V 2
I took about a billion detail shots, as this wool crepe was entirely too beautiful for words.

Tea & Crumpet Dress Sew-Along, V 2

hoodie bravado

what’s on the happs

Welp, peeps. I have had a BUGGER of a time with my sew-alongs lately. Almost everything that can go wrong, has been going wrong – short of my blog somehow catching fire and burning down. 

That said, I am growing increasingly sure I want to keep offering these online sewing lessons! To that end, now is the time to give me any input for future sew-alongs. In this post, I offer a preview of some garments I’m planning on leading us through in the near future. Remember, in about two weeks we’ll begin the Tea & Crumpet sew-along. I hope you’ll be joining us!

In the meantime, for May: the Elevation hoodie from New Horizons Designs (formerly Terra’s Treasures). Remember the P51 Flyer jacket I made Nels, in waxed canvas? Yup, that was one of Terra’s! She has a gorgeous eye for design!

Do I even need to explain why I love this hoodie? No, no I don’t. First of all, hoodies are awesome and I might fight you if you disagree.

hoodie bravado
But also: I mean, this hoodie? Check it!

Elevation Hoodie from Terra's Treasures
Colorblocked – very on-trend, but always awesome. An inset kangaroo pocket with welt openings. A hood overlap and drawstring. I mean – COME ON!  The pattern comes in a children’s version (size 6/12mos. to 16), a women’s version (bust 31″ to 51 1/2″), and will soon debut a men’s version!

Now, the Elevation hoodie’s instructions are so wonderful that, frankly, I can’t see room for improvement. But I can put the piece together with volumnous up-close photos, give you my special tips on working with knit fabrics, and showcase a lovely bamboo french terry from Nature’s Fabrics.

For June – provided no mishaps – I gotta make a summer dress in double-gauze. Specifically, this lovely fit-and-flare from Bootstrap. The pattern is $1.49. 

Custom-Fit Sewing Patterns - Fit And Flare Dress With Sleeves
For a custom-fit pattern. Yeah. 

Happy Cry
Double-gauze is a wonderful fabric; it handles well, as it is cotton, and has some body and not so much drape. The fabric instantly delivers an elegance and vintage/heirloom appeal that is going to turn heads. There are so many places to get double-gauze, and I’ll be talking more about this in the set-up post for the dress sew-along. But some sources to get you way too excited interested: imagine gnats, fabric.com, fabricworm, Harts Fabric, and various Etsy shops (for your timeline, watch for where they ship from!). A sneak-peak of my first sample:

June Sew-Along Sneak Peak

So for the mid-to-late summer? Well – you tell me! I’m pretty sure I’d like to make up a pair of stretch jeans: again, from a custom-fit pattern metric. I could always lead us through a swimsuit for summer – find me a good pattern! One of these days I’d like to showcase on of Hot Patterns‘ garments – they have a wonderful size range, and ardent fans – and of course, I adore Jalie patterns more than a body should. In fact, there are so many good patterns out there it’s hard to narrow it down!

So that’s it – for the time being. I’m open to suggestions as always!

Kitten Sewing

More About Plaids

more about plaids!

More About Plaids
First: if you are just finding my site, please do join up with me at Bespoke/Hogaboom. This is the best way to reach me, as comments close on old blog posts!

So! Today one of my online sewing groups is finishing up a shirtmaking module as helmed by David Page Coffin, shirtmaker extraordinaire and author of two shirt construction books (here, and here).  I finished my version of a menswear shirt several days ago, and yesterday took a few pictures (OK more like a dozen). I also wanted to drop a few plaid-sewing tips here as I find myself more and more excited about working with plaids; you can read a bit more about the pattern in my pattern review.

More About Plaids

L8 Nite of Tic-Tac-Toe

this is what I get for momsplainin’

Tonight I’m sitting across a small table from my daughter. I’ve been working all day and have had little to eat; I’m famished enough to order and then devour a corporate coffeeshop’s blueberry scone and roasted tomato sandwich – too hungry to do anything else.

My daughter and I talk about school, the upcoming quarter. We talk about what might come after that. And I tell her, my eyes stinging a bit, how amazing it is to watch her grow. I can’t really get the words out but it’s like, this is a person whose opinions and desires are getting more pointed, more developed, and more adult than I would have guessed. She is as always fiercer but also imbued with a deep-seated compassion I do not recognize, it may have been helped by a few of us but it has an unshakeable foundation past my understanding.

And I don’t say all these things, but still she doesn’t see what the big deal is. I tell her, “Well… it’s like, when you were two. You know. The stuff you cared about. Like you didn’t want us to make you wear a hat. Or you REALLY wanted a bowl of chocolate ice cream – “

She immediately lifts her head, and gives me that tiger-eyed stare and says, “Mom… have I really changed so much?” her voice the dry tone, the perfect comedic, sarcastic, self-effacing bit. I dissolve into laughter and resist the urge – it comes daily! – to reach out and pinch her. WHY is this my child?

My son is at the counter, ordering a cookie. He is leggy and thin, his jeans on their last wear if I can somehow catch them away the next laundry cycle. I have made myself only say it once. Only tell them once. Okay, twice. What does it look like to the community if a tailor has children who look unkempt and shabby? I can tell you my kids DO NOT G.A.F. ABOUT THIS. Which also makes me laugh.

My health is pretty good. My wrist and shoulder hurt; from clerical work, from knitting, from sewing. I am tired and a bit worn out and I’ve accidentally overdone it for the season. No surprises there, really. In all – considering I’m balancing out-of-home work for the first time in a baker’s dozen years – well, I’ve done rather well!

It is so rainy and wet outside – and my car so damp and foggy inside – that the drive from the coffee shop to pick up my daughter’s friend, is a tense one (for me). After about ten minutes somehow the heater is working so the glass is all clear, and the car oppressively hot. I can’t express how comforting winters are here. I live in this rain-drenched corner of the world and I adore it.

I wonder how much of the rest of it I will ever see? I wonder where my children will go, what they will do? They have developed such quick wit, such strength. I suppose that is how most parents must feel, on balance. Parents that let their kids have their wings, at any rate.

Late evening, home. Five feet to my right Nels and his neighborhood friend play Tic-Tac-Toe, their pallet bed festooned with all the necessities: books, pen and paper, a small lantern that throws a constellation upon the walls, the ceiling. Their giggles are earnest and comfortable; as if they’d been lifelong friends, instead of just these last six weeks or so. Grilled cheese and tomato for a late-night snack; the cats are settled in, the dog has had his evening walk.

Tomorrow will be another day of cooking, of wrapping presents, of music and the energy of children. Somehow it all gives me life, although the days fly by a little quickly for my comfort.

L8 Nite of Tic-Tac-Toe