Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

tea & crumpet sew-along: the collar and lining

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

Hello and welcome to day five of our sew-along – our penultimate post! Today we will be installing collar and lining. For this entry, you will need:

1. Your constructed dress shell and lining
2. Your collar pieces

In our last entry we finished our back closure. We should have a constructed shell and lining, and our collar pieces. Our construction order will depend on the collar we’ve used – the asymmetrical or tie collar options. For the assymetrical collar, we put the collar in and then the lining; for the tie-collar, we install the lining first.

Ready? We’re in the home stretch! You can do it!

You Can Do It!

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

tea & crumpet dress sew-along: preparing the pattern

Tea & Crumpet Sew-Along

Hello and welcome to day one of our sew-along! Today we are preparing our pattern, talking about fabric preparation, and playing with seam finishes! We will then cut and fit a muslin. I will be demonstrating technique using the three versions of the dress I created.

You will need:

1. Your printed Bootstrap Fashion pattern
2. Tracing paper, tracing medium and wheel
3. Fabric for your muslin
4. Your machine set up to sew
5. Clear tape

Tea & Crumpet Dress Sew-Along, V 2

a little springtime

My Tea & Crumpet dress sew-along starts April 1st. I have made two of these dresses and they are lovely. While they are full-coverage and modest, they are also short and barely feel like wearing a dress at all! The pattern allows you to build a fitted, semi-fitted, or loose option. 

Shown here: a fitted option in wool crepe, lined in a silk jersey. Fits perfectly, feels incredible!

Tea & Crumpet Dress Sew-Along, V 2
I took about a billion detail shots, as this wool crepe was entirely too beautiful for words.

Tea & Crumpet Dress Sew-Along, V 2