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My Son's Daily How-To Booklet

Nels makes up little booklets of “how to” on how his day goes. Here’s his latest iteration – published with his permission, which is pretty cool. As you can see from the cover above, at first he wouldn’t even let me look in the book, let alone publish it here. He didn’t want photographs of the inside but he let me list the contents here:

1. Pray for this day [includes best-ever stick figure depiction of “prayer”]

2. Exercise! [another great stick figure]

3. Brush your hair & teeth [no more stick figures, guess he got tired ofd drawing them]

4. Wash your face

5. Shower

6. Eat breakfast

7. Do 5 chores

8. Listen to music

9. Play outside


10. Watch cool movies

11. Put retainer on


In other news: yes, I made Nels’ “bowling-style” shirt in this photo I just took of him, before he left for a friends’ date. I don’t think I ever took pictures of it when I put it together (and when I searched on my blog, I found this piece from five years ago – #LOLsob!). It has the name “nels” monogrammed on the front left using free-motion machine-stitching. The shirt is constructed in Kaffe Fasset shot cotton, features coconut buttons from Fashion Sewing Supply, and has been washed, dried, and worn many many times since I made it:

My 10 Year Old Son, This Afternoon(Bun-Bun the rabbit’s inadvertantly-discarded raspberry at lower-right)

Today: working on a waxed canvas jacket, and prepping an awesome dinner from the Tex Mex cookbook Nels and I bought Ralph.


for bowling, or just in general being awesome

I continue to now and then write reviews for, or as I like to call it, “Thin mid-to-upper class white women who sew tailored dressy stuff get all the attention and no one gives a damn about my whimsy!“*  Today Nels is sporting the rather way-too-awesome Ready Set Robot shirt:


Zig-zag topstitching, which is a THING I ADORE:

Can't Get Enuf Zig Zag Topstitch

Nels can, & does, like to button:
Buttons Well With Others

OH SNAP did I line that front placket up perfectly? WHY YES

Rockin' The Center Front!

Tuff, but fair:


Best thing ever is that Nels loves the shirt. This is a good thing; he literally will not wear something I make if he doesn’t like it. Yay robots, red, and orange!

* For instance arguably one of the awesomest things ever sewn, my Narwhal baby bunting, only reaped one comment up in that site.  Seriously, people? GAH!