well just a JOLLY EASTER TO YOU, from Hopalong Junkpouch!

Nels Coloring Eggs

(photo courtesy of Britta)

For tomorrow’s early dinner we are having our traditional fare: a big-ass Paula Deen ham, hot cross buns, scalloped potatoes, cold pea salad, and roasted lemon asparagus (for breakfast we’re having the Cypress Greek Bread the kids adore). I swear the family isn’t even all into that (except the fresh buns) but I make it anyway because Tradition is all about “longing, deprivation, and resentment”.

Also. I want you to know I laughed so hard at these that hot tears streamed down my cheeks. HOT TEARS.

“40 Easter Bunnies more terrifying than a crucified man coming back from the dead.”

Easter Bunny From Hell