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Blooper Hoodie!

Soooooooo basically I’d like to make colorblocked hoodies all day long. The only thing that would make the experience more perfect, is to have a home screenprinting lab set up. But I’ll settle for how things are going now – a wonderful jersey fabric with just the right amount of recovery, and the ability to slash lines here or there and make up whatever kind of design I feels like!

Blooper Hoodie!

I also colorblocked the waistband to match the design lines of the garment. BOOM!

A white-lined hood, and a handknit drawstring. Notice the little “blooper” elements on the right arm – a Mama and three babies, all hand-cut and free-motioned darned.

Blooper Hoodie!

Blooper Hoodie!

With summertime approaching, what is more lovely than a super-soft custom-fit hoodie?



cotton & linen & spring brighttimes!

Scootaloo Hoodie

First, my daughter’s Scootaloo hoodie (you can look at theĀ Flickr tagset, which includes some construction discussion).

Scootaloo Hoodie

Scootaloo Hoodie

I’m seriously proud of my rendition of the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ badge.

Scootaloo Hoodie CMC Badge

Next up: Nels’ hooded linen coat. My design, Franken-patterned from previous designs. A fully-lined and underlined jacket in a linen/rayon blend. Square pockets, pointed pieced hood. Hand-knit i-cord drawstring. A hood with axotl external gills. YOU HEARD

Li'l Beach Guy

Ah, yeah… I made the pants too. Super-fun. I think I shall be sewing with linen ALL SUMMER LONG

"This is gonna get kinda weird... Two hoods."

Cuff Strap, Lining, Cuff Assembly

Yes, those are bound buttonholes. Want a closeup?

Bound Buttonholes