like a little elf sprite

Just now as Ralph leaned over to talk to me our son darted over and applied a generous amount of glitter from a glass bottle with roller to my husband’s arm. Ralph and I looked and realized Nels was covered, in every way, with tons and I mean tons of glitter.

Don’t worry. The woman at the Marketplace told me – upon learning Nels enjoys makeup – that “boys eventually grow into liking boy things.” Thank goodness, because I have been seriously concerned.

this was all said in the car ride home

Me: “You mean potatoes.”
Ralph: “What did I say?”
Me: “Tomatoes.”
Ralph: “Oh.”
[ brief pause ]Ralph: “I have to be honest, I started that sentence then just put my mind on autopilot and started thinking about Dee Synder.”*

Nels (taunting his sister): “I’m going to eat your brain… And then I’ll have TWO brains!”

Me (watching an acquaintance bike by): “You know, Terry is the closest I’ve come to having a crush on another man in ten years.”**
Ralph: “Yeah, well. He has those Billy qualities.” (Billy being my brother)
Me: “What? No he doesn’t!”
Ralph: “Yeah, they’re cut from the same… musty old bolt of cloth… in the back of Clevengers, or something.” (P.S. Ralph’s voice cracked halfway through, thinking he was so funny).

Ralph: “God, that frosting is so good. You must have made it out of buttered angels or something.”***

*Yes, this guy (and don’t think it wasn’t hard for me to settle on a Dee Snyder image to link to). And no, I didn’t ask Ralph why.

** This is a surprise to exactly no one as I regularly make my feelings clear for our local bike mechanic.

*** This was actually said a few minutes later, at home, but it made me laugh and I had to share.