for bowling, or just in general being awesome

I continue to now and then write reviews for patternreview.com, or as I like to call it, “Thin mid-to-upper class white women who sew tailored dressy stuff get all the attention and no one gives a damn about my whimsy!“*  Today Nels is sporting the rather way-too-awesome Ready Set Robot shirt:


Zig-zag topstitching, which is a THING I ADORE:

Can't Get Enuf Zig Zag Topstitch

Nels can, & does, like to button:
Buttons Well With Others

OH SNAP did I line that front placket up perfectly? WHY YES

Rockin' The Center Front!

Tuff, but fair:


Best thing ever is that Nels loves the shirt. This is a good thing; he literally will not wear something I make if he doesn’t like it. Yay robots, red, and orange!

* For instance arguably one of the awesomest things ever sewn, my Narwhal baby bunting, only reaped one comment up in that site.  Seriously, people? GAH!