i immediately regret that decision

Cat Bullshittery

My cat herd (shown here, 75%) fills me with occasional shame.

A tea party with Nels, including his St. Patrick’s Day ensemble. He is learning to make homemade chai (and teaching his grandmother); he insisted we share a mango as well. #lurve

Nels, Tea, 3

Nels, Tea, 5

Nels, Tea, 8

Dear God, look how my son is growing.

Dishes On St. Paddy's Day (Green Hat, Nels' Choice)

Just so we’re clear, here is how old I picture Nels to be, in my mind’s eye:

Yeah, Pretty Much



A delicious Korean seaweed, given me by a friend. It doesn’t look like much different than typical nori from the supermarket but – wow. Nels and I fought over the last bit.

Korean Seaweed

Phoenix. Being lovely.


I made deviled eggs for a friend today, and a couple for my  mother as well. I speared each with a black olive and one tiny caper.

Deviled Eggs For A Friend

So yeah, things have been wonderful here. Today I got semi-acquainted with a local who’d found my blog and writings through an email link. We chatted back and forth a bit and she asked,

“How do you have time for your writing, sewing, husband, family and teaching … and yourself?”

You know what. I get this a lot. People who follow closely know I “do” less these days than I used to… but I guess I still “do”. I take only a minimum of time for myself, that is, time that is completely restful. A very minimum. Today I don’t feel guilty about this. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn a new trick.

Or maybe… not.