cutting up old and new

Re-Fashion Ho!
I have to be careful with so-called “refashioning” or “repurposing”. Sometimes it turns out the original garment is something I should give away or throw away. Case in point is farthest-on-the right, a pair of pajamas I sewed for Ralph out of (IMO) very ugly – but very sturdy, as it turned out – fabric from the Swains bargain table. Those pants lasted a couple years with near-nightly wear and Ralph loved them. When the crotch seam fell apart irreparably, I decided both he and Nels would like a small version saved.

The middle fabric I love – a mock-houndstooth print (houndstooth is now my favorite pattern!) that was only $2. I chose this length of fabric for the pants with the most detail (triple-stitched topstitch, mock fly, cuffs). My inspiration, nineties skater boy flannel pants:

Mock Fly

Straight leg, cuff

Spring Feral
The Boy, up to no good.